Getting Started

Welcome to the To-do Bot Documentation!

Now that you have invited the bot to your discord server, you can begin!

To-do Bot comes with a variety of commands that are separated for both personal use and server-wide use (Restricted to Admins & Server Owners). To-do Bot focuses primarily on helping with the organisation whether it's related to Discord or not.

Bot Features:

  • To-do Bot allows users to add, remove, and archive to-do tasks that users can view and manage when they have completed these tasks or no longer need them.

  • The bot hardly goes offline, if it does, it is most likely due to planned maintenance. Join our Support Server to request help.

  • To-do Bot also comes with the ability to set reminders with the choice between days, hours, and minutes!

  • If you are a server administrator or you have the assigned staff role then you have the ability to set assignments to either other staff members or normal members which they can mark as completed when they wish.


To-do Bot is associated with UtiliBots, if you require any support or wish to forward feedback or suggestions then you can do so by visiting the discord server here.